Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Happenings


I know I am very past due for a post. So here it goes.

December was a whirlwind!

December 8, we moved out of our house. December 10 we celebrated Ryan's birthday. December 14 was my last day of work in San Diego. December 23 we left for Bakersfield.

December 25...Olivia's First Christmas!!!

December 26 - 30 spent time in Vacaville with Grammie and Papa - my mom and stepdad.

January found us rooting for the Chargers and looking for jobs. No luck with either endeavor. It's discouraging and does a number on the self esteem to be a willing employee who is unable to find employment. Until we can find employment, we cannot get our own place. We are blessed to have such giving parents (thanks Mom and Dad M.) who are willing to open their home.

Prayer requests right now mainly revolve around jobs and keeping us healthy as we do not have health insurance. A scary prospect with a little one.

Olivia's birthday is right around the corner. Hard to believe, isn't it? Will try and post more and more often!

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